WTF Again!!

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WTF Again!!

Postby 2Zero on Fri Aug 07, 2009 3:59 pm

I just got an Email from Zfest telling us how to dress!!!!

WTF are they thinking!!

This party is going in the toilet quick!!

As with Homecoming the entire event will be casual. Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati will probably be hot and humid so dress for comfort and keeping cool. Also as we are attempting a Guinness World Record and there will be media around please dress in good taste. Let’s show the world that we are classy people.
Thursday Reception, Dance and Car Wash: There will be booze and water involved so I suggest anything that can withstand a possible dousing with suds and water - jeans, shorts and t shirts.

Friday Panoramic, Guinness and Riverboat: There are 3 events running consecutively . You can choose to wear one outfit for all 3 or bring a change for the Riverboat. We will be spending a fair bit of time in the hot sun (hopefully) getting organized for the Panoramic so something cool and comfortable. If you wish to be noticed in the photo something outlandish but not so that your outfit will infringe on your fellow participants space or their cars. We will depart from the Panoramic in a convoy in our attempt at the Guinness record. We anticipate media coverage so if you wish to wave a flag, wear a silly hat etc please feel free to do so, just please do not obstruct the vision of your driver or the drivers behind or in front of you. We will arrive in Newport for the Riverboat ride early. If you wish to change (we might be hot and sweaty by the time we arrive) there are washrooms in which this can be done. The Riverboat is casual but in a n effort to “dress up” the event please feel free to change into business casual if you wish. Again, It will hopefully be hot so dress for comfort and keeping cool. You might want to bring a lightweight jacket for the Riverboat as it might (probably won’t) cool down once the sun goes down. Please dress in Riverboat theme if you so wish.

Saturday Daytime: Comfort and staying cool are important during the day.

Saturday Banquet: The theme is German/Bavaria/Oktoberfest. Feel free to “dress” for the occcasion and in keeping with the theme. Lieder Hosen, Dirndl are welcome.

Maybe there will be a prize for the “best dressed”
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